The Wallet Microcredit is an institution providing financial and related non-financial services to the economically active members of community in both formal and informal employment sectors of the economy. The Wallet Micro credit is registered under Microfinance Act 2018 and other laws governing Micro Finance institution in United Republic of Tanzania.

The aim of business is to serve individuals with temporary cash needs to resolve their situation in time, it’s a fact that people face financial problem (unexpected expense) and in short term or at short notice.

Our lending Packages include

Advance salary loan

This product we will offer to employed people who face a temporary financial need before his/her Salary. The minimum loan is 100,000 and maximum is 1,000,000 this loan guarantee by the third person, witness of one of his family member especially wife/husband, borrower national identity card. And Image certified image of collateral  of collateral.

Education/School fees Loan

This is another package which we offer to our client the education loan will help the applicant to feed their financial emergency to pay school fee for their children with very minute loan processing. The minimum amount of this loan is 200,000 and the maximum amount of this loan is 2,000,000.

The basic requirement for this category. Is the borrower must show the one who will have the power to grantee the amount of loan plus it interest, the third part loan will help us to secure our loan also the national identity card or employment identity card.

House Rent loan

This type of loan we will offer to our client which fall under formal and informal sector and entrepreneur and the minimum for this loan is 100,000 and the maximum is 1, 000,000 and the basic requirement or this type of loan is the image of collateral and he/she must present the person who can guarantee for the loan also national identity card is compulsory.

Medical Loan

Also the wallet Microcredit offer the emergency situation of a person who face medical payment financial insecurity and this will help the borrower to feed their situation and the minimum loan is 100,000 and also the maximum loan is 2,000,000 either this product require a third person who will stand as a guarantor and have all the responsibility to pay back the loan when the borrow fail to make it, also photocopy of National identity or employment identity I needed.

Emergency/Family Needs Loan

We offer emergency family need loan to the people who face this Emergency for all sector (formal and informal) this include  caution money, wedding contribution, death of spouse  all this emergency need a financial solution and   minimum loan is of100,000  and maximum loan 1,000,000 .  The basic requirement for this loan is to present a third person who will guarantee for the payment. Also national identity card and the image of collateral.

Business Loan

Business loan will help to solve other financial temporary occur in the process of business operation, like financial need of ordering business product, emergency of financial need of the delivering product financial need of increasing buying power of a business product and also the need of increasing capital to raise production and sell .this will require an image of collateral and the third party to guarantee the loan. Like other product the Minimum loan is 100,000 and the Maximum is 2,000,000.

Our objectives

To feed financial emergency to our customer
Help entrepreneurs facing temporary financial difficulties to solve the gape in time
Create Employment opportunities
To easy accessibility of financial services

Our mission

To provide loans to the individuals and solve their temporary financial problems in time.

Our vision

To be economically and in terms of service best choice to the customer and able to feed their temporary financial needs


We feed your financial temporary in time.

Our core value

We value people and their Privacy, and we are Transparent.

Targeted Market

Our Focus will be individuals with Temporary financial needs from the following groups:
Middle income earners
Individuals Employed in Formal Sector
Business owners (Entrepreneurs) with permanent address