The wallet Microcredit has to pass some stage for the loan funding to our client

  • 1
    Pre-qualification process

    This is the first stage in our loan process our potential borrower will receive a list of item or information they need to submit to our office, including his physical address, contact information, guarantor, employment history, location of business and certified image of collateral.

  • 2
    Loan Application

    This is the second stage after the Pre-qualification process we will give the borrower application foam to fill where the borrower will fill the basic information to our loan foam.

  • 3
    Application Process

    This process is come after filling out loan foam the loan officer will pass out to the detail written to the loan foam by the borrower if their correct or have a mistake and if there is mistake the form will be returned to the borrower to make a correction for the missing information.

  • 4
    Underwriting Process

    Here the loan officer pass out all the detail check out important detailed filled in the foam. The main component we check is the risk score, income, asset and the credit worthiness.

  • 5
    Credit Decision

    After a clear pass out of underwriting procedure an application will be proved and waiting to the final stage of loan funding.

  • 6
    Loan Funding

    After all document have been signed properly in the loan application foam .the firm will ask for medium of money transaction for the loan either M- Pesa ,Bank Account or by Cash.